Join the CM clan. others will be eliminated.

Rules- Do’s and don’ts

Do listen to higher ranked clan members’ instructions.

Do tell the location of the clan if no one that is ranked is doing so.

Do tell the leader if you have spotted a back stabber.

Do tell a general if you have a target in the same clan and they will tell you what to do.

Do prepare for any sacrifice for the clan.

Do be brave and help in all wars.


Rules- Do’s and don’ts

Don’t attack your target in the same clan in multi.

Don’t CC hop.

Don’t backstab any other clan members – especially ranked members.

Don’t get scared if there is a war and the other clan is bigger.

And very importantly:

Don't 1 item or non risk!

CM Basics

~ No Teleporting.
None whatsoever when fighting other players, If you are pj'd, Use protection prayers, you must Run.

~ No Overhead Protection Prayers In 1v1 Combat.
We do not support members using overheads when fighting another player 1 on 1 with overheads off. However, If the opposition player wishes to use overheads you may also, Although it is regarded better to choose to smite in the circumstance.
If you are not in a fight, Or do not wish to fight back to the other person you may use your protection prayer as an attempt to End or Exit the fight.

~ No Pjing or Tagging In 1v1 Combat.
FOE always recommends fair fights to support the honour code, Which means friends often helping by tagging or pjing people they die is not tollerated, Although if a group of people are tagging you or a friend, It is allowed to help friends out.
Fair fights should not be interupted.
If you're far from a bank or in PVP servers, You are allowed to tag opponents. I.e Drags/Varrock Altars.

~ No "Rush 'N Running.
You may attack someone without asking them for a fight (Rushing), Although using your specials on them, Then running is not tollerated, If found doing this you will be warned or booted from the clan.

~ No "One Iteming" or not risking the PVP limits or 25k in F2P/75k in P2P.
You should always be risking the limit when you're pking, Anything below is not tolerated.

~ No Attacking Clanmates.
Should not be done unless a DM/Fight has been arranged beforehand.

~ No Scamming/Phishing
If this happens for any reason you will be booted.

~ No Mutliclanning.
You may not be in another pure clan on any account you own, This is both for our security and your own, To avoid you attacking other clanmembers even on a different account.

Try to use common sense when pking and respect our rules, We promote honour pking, If you have sufficient evidence or members can back up your claim you may be given the benefit the the doubt, But Remember [CM] is an honour pking community we respect other players both fighting and how we act towards others.

If You're looking to Apply to [CM] and you do not belive you can keep to them, Do Not Apply.

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